Oslo’s most explosive 5-piece that will bring any house down
More than three decades after they pronounced rock & roll “dead”, and in an era way past the digital revolution, when music is broken down to endless sub-genres, the ‘roots’ stand their ground in the north: Oslo has been strong in the European music realm with a handful of bands that are more than faithful to the American roots.

But what is rock & roll after all? Essentially, it prevails on the stage, where the sweat blends with the energy, where a band comes together and expose their persona united, simultaneously, live and most importantly, right in front of your face.

In the case of Fat Fred & the Possumhunters, rock & roll is served in the beginning as a nice tasty cake. Then they let you dip your finger first to have a taste, and as you start going for the spoon, before you know it you end up in the middle of a cake war.

With a rhythm section as tight and steady as a train (Erlend Hølland at the double bass and Pål Emil Berg behind the drums), David Skeie (piano & harmonica) and Joachim Svendsen (guitar) are the coal and fire that make the whole thing take off and bring it home. David and Joachim are the perfect partners in an endless game between melody and groove, complementing each other and blending together in the ultimate sound that makes you boogie.

And then there’s Fredrik Støvind, the ‘mad man’. Partly because of his physical height and more due to the confidence he inspires, Fred owns the stage and ultimately, you.

Holding with his one hand his vintage metallic mic, and the other hand waving casually as he tells his stories, together with the band he takes you to a trip of old and lesser known classics, from rockabilly to swing, from jazz to boogie.

The result is always the same. Fred takes off his shirt (almost without fail revealing a white tanktop underneath) and before you know it, you’re as sweaty and excited as he is, while the band goes frantic.

It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, and it certainly doesn’t matter where. Fat fred & the Possumhunters will bring the house down either if it is a nightclub after midnight full or drunk horny adults, or a pub in the middle of the afternoon with families with kids, and grown-ups having their first beer.

If you haven’t had the honor of seeing them yet, then you owe it to yourself. If you have, then you know you’re addicted. And you’re not afraid to admit it.

iliana Kefalopoulou
Events' Manager
Mobil: 968 27 132